HomeGardenFlowerShow.com – The Precipitated Anomaly Episode

I wish I could say thanks for coming but I can’t.

The reason why is at the Home Garden Flower Show, we don’t want to debut the Precipitated Anomaly Episode due to several reasons.

Once of the reasons is that we don’t like it.

The episode originally aired due to the fact that there were some individuals that were making fun of the garden and so we had to show them what was up.

Even with all the flowering and the home show we didnt want to do what we had to because if we did, then we wouldnt be able to make it out.

Sometimes I just write random stuff without really thinking about it. Do you know what I mean? Great. If not, then it’s ok. You may ask why im doing this..

But I’ll explain in a second. You just have to sit there and wait and be patient and learn if you know what I mean?

You do? Ok cool. Now Check this out.

It all depends on the way that it is, but not really, you never really know unless you know. You know?

Ok coolio but you gotta promise not to stop when i say when she said.