Artisan /Metalsmith

Artist StatementDERECK GLAZER Forgin at anvil

Metal is an extremely forgiving and revealing material. I strive to stretch its abilities, pushing, pulling, twisting it like clay. I have found various aspects of its nature, secrets it only reveals when it is heated properly and exposed to the right amount of force. Utilizing these secrets and their natural properties; ferrous and non-ferrous metals can provide a timeless sense of stability and permanence. They often provide their own textures and colors, they will support themselves even in the smallest sections and the speech imparted from its form is inherent to everyone and apart of creating work that is sensible and alluring to the mind.

In the world I live in today, working so intimately with a material is often overlooked and reserved only for artist and craftsman. Executing art work raises the question of which processes to use to execute a given commission or part of a job. Many times the processes are put in place by the design or perhaps the clients needs. The question still remains, as an artist/craftsmen; how do I determine and by what methods will I work. No matter what processes I choose to work in, the common denominator is that the work must be executed in the most sincere way as to not compromise the overall feeling


intended to convey.

It is the choices and methods of working with a material in respects to an artists’ desire that defines me. After twenty five years of working with metals, I have begun to now speak the materials language; I can begin to develop an intimate dialogue with my art.

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