Friday Seminars

11:15 — 11:35 am    Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

Jackson Madnick, Founder

Jackson Madnick is a longtime environmentalist and water resources and sustainability expert. Jackson is the former chairperson of the Wayland (Mass.) Surface Water Quality Committee, present member of the Congress of Lakes and Pond Association (COLAP) Board of Directors, recipient of the 2007 AltWheel’s Regional Environmental Hero Award, and a two-time winner of the National GALA Award, the highest honor in the field of special events and public celebrations.

In the past, Madnick’s work has been commended by two White Houses (first Bush and Clinton), the United Nations, John Glenn, National League of Cities and Al Gore, among others.

Jackson helped renew the National Clean Water Act, with a low energy, nationally televised event that gathered 1 million signatures for a petition to renew the act. He has been researching innovative ways to save energy, improve surface and groundwater quality and create healthier lawns that require no fertilizer, dramatically less time, money, water, and greenhouse gases.

He lives in a sustainable house that he is renovating to produce 95 percent of its heating, cooling, and power from the sun and Earth. Jackson gives free tours. Join him for one.

11:35 — 11:50 am Canuvo, Inc.

Sage Peterson

Since 2011, Canuvo has been cultivating, manufacturing and retailing medical cannabis at their dispensary in Biddeford, Maine. The daily menu offers a large selection of flowers along with edibles, tinctures, topicals, vaporizer pens, and accessories. In addition to medical-grade cannabis and products, Canuvo offers consultations at the dispensary so that customers can make informed decisions about dosing and what products may work best for them. In addition, Canuvo’s sister company, Cannabis Adult Education, offers free classes to the public. Check out the class offerings at

12:00 — 12:20 pm Irie Bliss Wellness

Irie Bliss is a hemp wellness lifestyle brand that was founded by Sandy Bernier as a way to illuminate the ways in which hemp can enhance one’s quality of life and the health of the planet. A longtime medical marijuana patient and hemp advocate, Sandy believes in the power of cannabis for food, fiber, fabric, and fuel. She creates branded and custom CBD products and sells an array of trusted brands at her hemp boutique and online at A year ago, Sandy opened “Beyond Blissed” for Cannabis Wellness, Beauty, and Education. Her center, located 17 miles south of Boston, is an open door for folks to learn about cannabis. Her holistic network is made up of health-care professionals such as Sherri Tutkus, RN, from the Green Nurse Group, as well as beauty consultants, energy workers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, midwives, concerned moms and hemp farmers who see the potential in whole plant therapies.

12:20 — 12:40 pm All Kind, LLC

Claire Stretch is a professional medical cannabis cultivator/caregiver, licensed hemp grower and founder/CEO of All Kind LLC, an artisanal cannabinoid-based edibles company specializing in medicated tempered chocolate. She has grown from helping one sick friend into creating product lines of boutique edibles with national sales in her hemp-based offerings. Specializing in seed-to-bar, the All Kind product line-up has found success with easily dosed, clean and bright chocolate bars that are designed for quality. From the farm, through extraction/manufacturing and onto store shelves, Claire has a working knowledge of the current cannabis edibles climate on the East Coast and the U.S. and understands many on the challenges to overcome, including manufacturing into licensure for the 2019 market.

12:40 — 1:05 pm   Healing Harbors

After a successful marketing and design career in Atlanta, where she worked in the highly regulated insurance marketing sector, Ashley Lenz decided to use her unique skill set to launch something she truly cares about — helping people improve their quality of life with simple, natural products. She enjoys showing them options and earth-grown alternatives, teaching them to look at ancient traditions under the lens of modern-day science and to take charge of their own well-being. She now co-owns Healing Harbors with founder Stacy Moore, and together they develop, create and distribute some of Maine’s most highly regarded CBD personal care and pet products. 

1:05 — 1:25pm Compass Rose

Adventures of Two Traveling Sister Wildlife Photographers

Join sisters Shelley Lance-Fulk and Jacklyn Amtower as they share their stories and adventures traveling the world as wildlife photographers. They have been to all seven continents several times to capture images of wildlife from animal-rich regions around the globe. Their books “Can I Carry Your Luggage?,” “Upside Down and Backwards” and “Dromomania” are a captivating collection of stories behind the photos. Shelley and Jacklyn reside in a small community in Central Maine where the abundance of local critters, moose, deer, raccoon, fox, and birds keep them amused and always reaching for their cameras.

1:30 — 1:50 pm Protection for a Purpose

Michelle Morrow is a certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor and Certified R.A.D. instructor. She speaks at local police departments that wanted to offer women-only self-defense classes. She took the instructor class and says she was the only independent person in the class; it was all military and police personnel. She was extremely intimidated and had never been through training like that. Day 2, she realized this was her purpose in life! She was there to help protect women and teach them how to be safe. She has been a R.A.D. instructor since 2014 and continues to increase her education and training, adding Aerosol Defense in 2017. What is your personal safety strategy? Don’t have one? Michelle can help with that!

1:50 — 2:10 pm Eco-Dyed Wearable

Natural fibers for possible medicinal benefits Susan Hoople is a craftsperson focusing on all aspects of fiber arts and crafts. As an adult, she was introduced to spinning yarn, which Ied to an interest in dyeing fibers and then on to learning all aspects of creating felt. A few years ago, she was exposed to the work of Australian artist India Flint, who popularized a method of dyeing natural fibers with plants and flowers called “eco-dyeing.” Most recently, she has been studying the possible medicinal qualities of natural plant dyes for clothing. Our skin is our largest organ, which absorbs what it is exposed to. Therefore, it would make sense that wearing naturally dyed fabrics may be more beneficial than chemically dyed ones since the fabric-dyeing industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet.

2:15 — 2:35 pm NH Orchid

N.H. and Maine Orchid Societies

Andrea Deachman from the  New Hampshire and Maine Orchid societies will talk about conservation for native orchids and educate the general public about native and hybrids from around the world. Did you know there could be orchids in your backyard? Come and see what they look like.

Sunday Seminars

10:30 – 10:55 am Blue Seal Controlled Environment Agriculture:

What – Why – How?

David O’Connor, controlled environment agriculture science consultant for New England’s 10 Blue Seal stores, provides support to commercial cannabis and food production sectors. He will give a brief overview of leading-edge science and tech in these lucrative and highly competitive sectors and answering questions from the audience.

11:00 – 11:45 am P.C. Hoag – Certified Arborist

Fostering sustainable landscapes and natural areas through peer-reviewed scientific information.

Pete Hoag started P.C. Hoag & Co. Inc. after graduating from college in 1976. Shortly after that, he got to study with renowned tree biologist, Dr. Alex Shigo. Over the next 40 years, Pete, along with his partner and wife Gloria, integrated tree health procedures based on scientific research into their company. They attend seminars and workshops throughout the year, investing time and energy to provide their customers with the best tree and landscape care. Pete will be holding a seminar on Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Agricultural Building.

12:00 – 12:45 pm   Cannabis Discussion Panel

Kathleen McKinnon

Kathleen McKinnon is drector of operations for Canna Care Docs, the largest medical marijuana evaluation center in the U.S. Kathleen oversees 100+ employees and has been instrumental in developing the educational process that sees so many patients successfully treated for their conditions. Kathleen has a B.S. in dental hygiene and spent the early part of her career working to educate patients on total body health and wellness. She sees the benefits of cannabis as addiction treatment, among other medicinal uses. She is a mother of three and has two grandsons. Kathleen and two of her associates will be holding a Cannabis Discussion Panel on Sunday at noon. 

1:00 – 1:20 pm 603 Property Group

Lobin Frizzell’s business philosophy is based on old school concepts of customer service, honesty, and integrity. It does not matter if you are looking to sell your home or buy a house — navigating the real estate market can be difficult. Lobin has market knowledge and real estate expertise. If you are looking to sell your home, she will meet you and help you come up with a marketing plan to get you the most money possible for your property. If you are looking to buy a home, she will represent you and help you find your dream home at your dream price. The bottom line is that your real estate sale or purchase is a big investment. Let Lobin help you achieve your goals.

1:20 – 1:45 pm   Show Quality Homes

Traci Jenkins is a certified home stager and redesigner. She and her partner, Carl Westerberg, established Show Quality Homes in 2015. Traci has been redesigning spaces since childhood and has spent much of her life involved in theater, from staging and set design to performing. Carl’s experience with houses ranges from construction, painting, and framing to the real estate agent and certified residential appraiser. Together the team has over 20 years in the real estate industry, complementing each other’s talents to provide solutions for homeowners, Realtors, and sellers.

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