fryeburg-0314Who doesn’t know the Tomato Lady? If you don’t you’re missing out! Amy LeBlanc from White Hill Farm, Windsor, Maine  is just buone of the rare finds for our show. Specializing in organic heirloom tomatoes and vegetables, she rocks!

Sue Beldon, Old Stage Farm, Lovell, ME and also organic has a diverse and very interesting offering of plants and vegetables.

Geoff and Gina Hancock from Alma Farm in Cornish have out of this world organics veggie seedlings for sale and offers one of the finest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs around.

Hummingbird Farm, McSherry’s, Lakes Region Garden center are a few more names but there are more and they are all fantastic, zone hardy and all ready to plant! In all we have about a dozen garden centers selling everything from perennials, annuals, veggie seedlings, organics and so much more.