/Garden Seminar Sunday Schedule
Garden Seminar Sunday Schedule2018-05-11T20:56:15+00:00

11:00-11:45 • Pruning 101: Trees, Plants & Shrubs

Pruning is one of those necessary evils of good garden maintenance. Do it incorrectly, and you risk creating an ugly, misshapen shrub or tree, or worse, and unhealthy one prone to diseases. Do it correctly, and you never really see the results – you only see the splendor of your shrubs, vines or trees, aging gracefully, growing in a natural form and adding beauty to your garden. No flying saucer shapes here!

Presented by Peter Hoag, Arborist and Owner, P.C. HOAG & CO., LLC.


12:00-1:00 • Jackson Madnick’s “Ultimate Green Home, Health & Lawn” Workshop

How to make your home / work environment healthier, minor lifestyle changes to live 25 years longer & dogs live 5 years longer. Plus Lawn secrets to better existing lawns or overseed Pearl’s Premium Grass, to mow only once a month, have less weeds without chemicals & 75% less water.

Presented by Jackson Madnick of Pearl’s Premium Grass. His work has been commended by two different White Houses and the United Nations, among others.