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Join us as we watch chefs create mouthwatering dishes, then get ready to sample each materpiece! Recipes will be available to bring home and create for your next fun filled kitchen adventure.  

PLUS – we will be holding two cookware giveaways over the weekend. Be sure to enter at the show for your chance to take home a package from Kitchen Craft International, or Lodge Cast Iron. 

Chef Steffani is our effervescent Food Emcee
for the Meet The Chefs Cooking Series

She is a consultant for all things food. You may find her teaching a cooking class one day the next day she may be the Host Chef of a local cooking show. Chef Steffani has worked behind the scenes for a few cookbooks and food magazines across the US. Her consulting takes her to restaurants in need of a facelift, looking to add a little sizzle to their old menu or are in need of a mystery shop to “spy” on their restaurants. Her culinary expertise includes recipe development and testing, culinary demonstrations and product representation. Steffani@SteffaniAdaska.com/603-662-9989

Click the links below to view Saturday or Sunday, Meet The Chefs schedule.

Saturday Schedule
Sunday Schedule