The 2015 Home Garden Flower Show is THRILLED with this years Meet The Chefs lineup. Not only do we have talented chefs returning by popular demand but new, unique and vibrant culinary minds as well. This week we are featuring one of these vibrant culinary minds, Chef Susi Q, residing in Lewiston, ME.

Chef Susi Q has coined the term “Feed Your Highest Self” to describe her particular approach and food philosophy. As a Natural Chef she trained to create nutrient-dense recipes and meals using whole food ingredients. Chef Susi Q has special training in utilizing “alternative” ingredients to create satisfying meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free or meet other dietary restrictions.

She also believes that food is therapeutic in a very broad and holistic sense. Real, whole plant and animal foods, and even microbes are here to support our total well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual. The “SAD” (Standard American Diet) is not only killing our bodies, it creates an unhealthy emotional relationship to food, and has processed-out the spiritual connection to our environment and our communities.

“I love to see people shine their brightest, and live the full expression of who they are. I think it’s what we’re all here to do” explains Chef Susi Q. “I have experienced first-hand the power of whole foods to detoxify and heal from the Standard American Diet, and I’ve helped many clients to move beyond just wanting to feel better, to understanding the integral role that food plays in reaching for our dreams and giving our best to what we’re up to in life.”

Feed Your Highest Self is also about emotional and spiritual nourishment. Chef Susi Q talked about the connection to the soil, the animal, the farmer, and our need to depend on and support each other as families and communities. “It is something we as a culture are starving for” Chef Susi Q says. Everywhere we look we can see evidence of our disconnection and emotional crisis as a culture and we underestimate the value of a whole food lifestyle to reconnect us.

Just after Chef Susi Q completed her chef school training, she spent a month cooking in Hopi, a Native reserve in North East Arizona. “It was the middle of summer – up to 120 degrees in our kitchen which had only a hose for running water” says Chef Susi Q. “I cooked alongside a Hopi woman whose family followed traditional Hopi ways. It was there that I became aware of the intense cultural malnourishment I was suffering from, and the Hopi people showed me how traditional foods and a connection to whole foods are here to bring us back to cultural balance, if we can let go of the perceived need for convenience and speed.”

The Feed Your Highest Self lifestyle uses simple and satisfying-to-make staples along with a brilliant whole-foods meal and menu-planning model that anyone can apply to their lives. Through her teaching, writing, and recipes, she tries to connect people back to the roots of their food, and to honor cultural connections. Chef Susi Q explains, “In my direct work with clients, I help them to create a truly healthy relationship with food, in which they can experience their connection to the beauty and magic of life in every bite.”

Chef Susi Q will be joining us for our 15th Anniversary show, taking place at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds in Fryeburg, Maine on May 15, 16, 17th, 2015. To learn more about this amazing talent visit Chef Susi Q’s website or find her on Facebook at

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**photo credit to Chef Susi Q