Well here we are, starting our 17 th year at Fryeburg Fairgrounds. Over the years we have watched the show grow and evolve and become a highly respected event. My staff and myself have become friends with so many exhibitorssubstandardfullsizerender and talented artists. And anyone who knows me knows how much I look forward to playing in the garden and planting all the plants and veggies I bought at the show. This year was no exception! Hummingbird Farm’s clematis and geraniums, Lake Region Nursery, Sheehan Farm to name just a few. Summer 2016 saw my husband Kim and I spending time on the boat, enjoying our ever expanding family and dear friends. Kezar Lake calls and we answer with long lazy afternoons on the pontoon boat paddle boarding (my new favorite sport). I also got back into one of my very favorite sports, running and power walking and even managed to convince good friends Theresa, Donna and Laurie to join me on Fryeburg’s amazing walking trail. I truly love what I do, the wonderful people I met and my completely amazing staff. Looking forward to a wonderful show season, meeting new exhibitors and artisans. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you all in six months!!!


I love my summers. I look forward to getting out and working in the yard, checking for my flowers to pop through the ground and starting my days with a cup of coffee on my deck reading the daily paper on my IPAD. Life is good!
donna-2016This summer I decided it was time for me to get serious about a lifestyle change. Like so many people, I was guilty of being lazy when it came to my own well being and health. I ate what I wanted to eat and passed on the opportunities to exercise. Before I knew it I was nearly 50 pounds over a healthy weight and was feeling pretty bad about myself. Enough! It was time to make some changes. I set a timeline to start – August 1st. I started with a ten day cleanse to kick start my new lifestyle. I followed the cleanse with a total change in eating. Now my food choices exclude all things white and processed. My diet is fruit, vegetables, nuts, oatmeal, fish, and chicken and a minimum of 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. I am never hungry, my cravings are gone, I can walk and jog without pain and I have dropped over 30 pounds in the last three months. My summer has been all about me!
For fun I have been enjoying my little mini-cruiser camper with my friends. We have spent weekends at the ocean and up and down the coast of Maine exploring. Karen, Sharon, and I even spent a night camping at the Oxford Casino and gambling the night away. Let me tell you there were some laughs and fun that night!. I love my summers!