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Building a Partnership

The primary purpose of a consumer (public) show is to bring buyers (consumers) together with sellers of goods and services. Consumers benefit from a diverse product mix, expert advice, education and entertainment. Sellers benefit by consumer purchases, product and brand awareness, public relations, research and development, and product testing.

Our goal for our sponsors is simple: to create effective partnership packages for helping you access more of your markets, introduce new items, and sell more of your products, & services. In past years, we have achieved results for partners like Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Kitchen Aid, Northway Bank, Wusthof Cutlery, Kitchen Craft Cookware, WMTW TV8, Portland Press Herald & The Maine Sunday Telegram, WHOM radio, and a host of wonderful print publications.

Your company can take advantage of several types of sponsorship packages which would incorporate your company into our large, advertising campaign typically valued at tens of thousands of dollars per market.

Why Be a Sponsor?

Relationship Building 
It’s your opportunity to share your corporate advertising message with consumers and puts you in a position to build brand loyalty with consumers one on one.

Brand Awareness
Increase your brand awareness as well as build credibility with the consumers. Consumers are more receptive to the qualities of your products or services because they attend our shows to gain more information.

Boost Employee Morale
These events can excite your employees by directly involving them in the creation of the on-site experience.  Participation can be dependent on the employee’s performance or through an in-house promotional program.

These events drive sales, both at the event and after the the event from image recognition. Unlike advertising, sponsorship provide an opportunity to liquidate the costs of the program through on-site sales, bounce back programs and vendor support through cross-promotional rights.

Please contact us for more detail information on specific sponsorship packages.