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Live Music by Milltown Road Show Duo, Terry Swett & Jack Jolie

Bear Bones Beer

Bear Bones Beer is an independent nano-brewery located in downtown Lewiston, Maine with a focus on making high quality, sustainable, craft beer.

Serving at the Show: TBA

Bear Bones Beer

43 Lisbon St
Lewiston, ME 04240

Moat Mountain Smoke House

Open since 2000, Moat Mountain Smoke House is a 174-seat brewpub, restaurant, and inn located in one of North Conway’s most historic buildings. In addition to our flagship location, we recently restored the Limmer Barn in Intervale, NH, opening the Moat Mountain Brewing Company Brewery Barn and Cannery in 2013.

The Brewery Barn and Cannery provides year-round availability of many of our brews in both draft and 16-ounce cans. And, we continue to brew right at the Smoke House, focusing on more specialty ales and lagers for our guests to enjoy on site

The Smoke House is open 7 days a week, starting at 11:30 am, and offers first come-first seating dining room service in addition to our full-service bar. Due to the nature of the local zoning at the Brewery Barn public tours are not available there at this time. Cheers!

Serving at the Show: TBA

Mount Mountain Brewing Company

White Mountains Highway Route 16
North Conway, NH 03860

Saco River Brewing

Kevin started brewing beer when he was a teenager with his mom, who was macrobiotic so naturally wanted to brew her own beer. It has been a lifelong dream of Kevin’s to open a brewery. Mason Irish had been one of their home brew customers and an avid beer lover, which made for a great business partnership! Kevin had been working on the idea of opening his own brewery in Fryeburg and Mason was up for the adventure. This was back in the summer of 2014. Kevin and Mason started the licensing process in October of 2014. In January we decided to make the move and buy property in Fryeburg that would sustain both the beer store and Brewery. Two years later we are finally a licensed Brewery in The state of Maine. Our first batch of beer was brewed on our smaller pilot system while we wait to have the final touches on our 7-barrel system completed. We are on tap at most of the local restaurants and hope to have our Tasting Room open at the beginning of June. In the Tasting room you will be able to sit down, relax and enjoy a great beer on tap or take a growler or two to go.

Kevin is a local builder; Ruth works at Pine Tree School in Conway. Kevin and Ruth also own and manage The Good Beer Store in Fryeburg.

Mason is an Arborist by trade and happily married to his wife Jen who is an occupational therapist at Snow School here in Fryeburg, Maine. They have two young girls who attend Pine Tree Elementary in Conway NH. Mason and Jen are outdoor enthusiast whether it be hiking, biking or skiing!

Serving at the show: TBA

Saco River Brewing 

10 Jockey Cap Lane Rt. 302
Fryeburg, Maine

Drumming Grouse Brewery

Drumming Grouse Brewery, L.L.C. specializes in crafting small batch beers.  Need some just for you – we can brew it. Two Maine boys who love to brew.

What is a drumming grouse?
A drumming grouse is a male game bird who, in the spring, stands on a stump, log, or something that gives him a perch as a place to proclaim his territory.   He then beats himself on the chest with his wings, very slowly at first but with increasing speed until he sounds like a snare drummer going as fast as he can.

Serving at the Show: TBA

Drumming Grouse Brewery
Bridgton, Maine 04009

The Fat Friar’s Meadery

The Fat Friar’s Meadery is a Maine farm winery that specializes in the creation of Mead. We are located in Newcastle, Maine just off of Route 215 approximately 1 mile from the head of Damariscotta Lake. Because our Mead is made with the finest ingredients, and is never rushed, the quality and taste are of the highest standards. While at our Meadery don’t forget to stop at the Mead Tasting Area which opened on May 2, 2012 and look for us in restaurants and stores throughout Maine. The Fat Friar’s Meadery is a member of  The Maine Winery Guild  and is listed on the Maine Wine Trail.

Serving at the Show: TBA

The Fat Friar’s Mead
39 Meadow Ridge Lane
Newcastle, Maine 04553

Black Cove Beverages

Morécello™ is a blackberry cello made by a generations-old secret family recipe that preserves the taste of fresh-picked blackberries. It is akin to limoncello but far tastier, far healthier, and without the acidity.  It may very well be the healthiest thing you can buy in a liquor store.  

As a digestivo, it is traditionally enjoyed ice cold in small servings after your meal to settle the stomach.  But there are also numerous cocktails in which it is the star ingredient or plays a supporting role.   And its almost syruppy consistency lends it well to use in desserts and other foods.

Serving at the Show: Morello Blackberry Cello

Black Cove Beverages

South Portland Wine Company

SoPo Wine Co is a wholesale distributor of wine and beer in the wonderful state of Maine. We started in 2005, with the idea that we would only sell wines that we wanted to drink.

I sometimes call it a cult more than a business. Everyone that works here is fully vested in offering the highest quality product and the most efficient service possible. What we do isn’t so much by choice but a calling. Wine is really cool, all that history and geography.

If you are a consumer wanting to know where to find our wines & beers in Maine, give us a call, we can direct you to your nearest retailer.

Serving at the Show: TBA

South Portland Wine Company

We won’t sell it, if we won’t drink it!